Beat the Google Hotel Ads competition with meta-search smart bidding.

Read on to find out what Google Hotel Ads is all about, a meta-search platform originally called Google Hotel Finder, and how it can increase your Online Sales Revenue.

First look at the following scenario. We have 3 different visitors using the Google Search Engine to look for a hotel. The idea is to bring these people to YOUR Website.

  • Visitor 1: Low profile match and Domestic traveller;
  • Visitor 2: 72% Profile Match, 2nd search this week;
  • Visitor 3: Shown cheaper price elsewhere, Searched using generic term.

How much are you willing to pay for these visitors? Below an example of what we as Skypoint can accomplish. Simply adjust your bids depending on their profile and chance they will make a booking on YOUR Website.
It is time to Stop paying fixed amounts on Google Hotel Ads!


Use search data to your advantage

Our systems work together to calculate a precise bid amount. The Visitor Value Index registers how the guest compares to your hotel’s ideal customer profile and recognizes their real time purchase intent. The Travel Value Index is calculated from their booking conditions, including parity and booking value. Contact us to find out more.

Visitor behavior.

Where do most travelers begin planning their trips? Is it on TripAdvisor, or Expedia? No, it is not! Most visitors start their initial (re)search on Google.

Close to 80% of all search traffic is done by Google and a small percentage of this is used for hotel search. From the daily estimated 5 Billion searches there is still a considerable amount spent on hotel searches and this makes Google Hotel Ads very interesting.

Our next Blog will go into more detail regarding Google Hotel Ads, especially the “How to”.