Aren’t you the lucky one if your hotel is always full but we all know that most hoteliers have their slow period or low season.
This slow period is an excellent time to roll up your sleeves and start improving your business.

Here is our list of things to do when you are in need of business.

1 Training

If your hotel would be a factory than your staff would be your machinery. It is the utmost importance that your “machinery” is of the highest standard. To accomplish this you need to (re)-train your staff to bring them up to the service level you need for your hotel. Make sure all your staff is trained and here are some helpful tips:

  • Train everyone and not just the Head of Department (HOD).
  • There are wonderful tools to help you in planning these trainings in order to have regular trainings. Let SkyPoint Hospitality advice you on this.
  • Training on Front Office service ( customer service, guest engagement, reviews, guest feedback), Engineering, Food & Beverage Service, Employee engagement and Sales & Marketing with the following subjects:
    • Revenue Management, Sales Manager Skills, Director of Sales and Marketing skills, Making a professional Sales & Marketing plan, Guest communication skills.
  • Go through all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and update where necessary.
  • Provide cross-training so employees become multi-functional.

Let SkyPoint help you by providing the in-house training.

2 Improve your hotel

The slow season is the perfect time to add extra services and improve your property. Is the swimming-pool outdated? Renovate it and add the latest LED lighting technology to impress your guests. Are you tired of getting complaints regarding old bathrooms? Renovate and post the new look and feel immediate on your social media platforms. Here are our tips:

  • Allow your budget room for renovation.
  • If the budget does not allow for all your wishes create small projects which can be finished.
  • Use the proper Project Management tools to make sure workers and material are there when needed but also to have clear timelines.
  • Don’t forget to inform your guests so you don’t get unnecessary complaints.
  • Project Management is also providing a Project Manager who exactly knows the scope of work to be done and is familiar with the “Critical Path” and implements proper documentation and communication.

Let SkyPoint help you by providing a consultant who can advise you.

3 Maintenance and Housekeeping

It is the small things that matter. Carpet is smelly, guests have to call Housekeeping to replace batteries. This is the time to focus on the little things where your departments don’t have time during high occupancy. This is our list:

  • Make sure your maintenance supplies are in stock.
  • For the rooms: air conditioning check especially filters, wall repair, carpentry and cleaning, lights, remote batteries, smoke detector test, door lock batteries, carpet shampoo, bathroom leakage, deep cleaning, furniture repair, minibar clean, inventory check of all items.
  • Windows, doors and balcony checks.
  • Vacuum filters are cleaned / replaced.

4 Local Business Approach

Your marketing department is already looking at Corporate and Government clients but could it be that you are missing something?
Approaching the local businesses around you will surprise you regarding increase in sales. Contact the local businesses using the tips below:

  • Contact your local hospital, fire brigade and police station offering special deals.
  • Contact local apartments and provide special deals for people moving in or out and families visiting.
  • Contact the local airport if applicable and make a deal with the info desk.
  • Contact the local car rental companies and make a referral agreement.
  • Organize events like sport events where you are able to host visitors.
  • The sky is the limit and it is time to be creative!

5 Reducing Overhead Costs

This is where SkyPoint Hospitality and IT can go through your organization and point out where savings can be made. It is great if you can create extra revenue but it would be better if you lower your expenses at the same time to increase you Nett Profit. See our tips below:

  • Improve your Software which creates efficiency resulting in e.g. less wastage, lowers your workforce, decreases water and energy usage.
  • Outsource certain departments and only pay for the time a certain service is needed opposed to having full-time employees.
  • Re-negotiate prices with Vendors.
  • Ask us how to replace your cleaning liquids which cut costs by 30%.